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Sometimes it’s simpler to crear cuenta en facebook, just produce a new account than to fiddle with privacy settings or cleanse your friends list in your current one. 2- Go to If you own an existing account, you should always be logged out first.
You will dsicover this signup form:

Fill out completely, ensure all the information is accurate, then go through the Sign Up button.

3- Find friends and family. Facebook will next request you to search your various email accounts for friends. You are welcome to try this at this time, or click on Skip this step at the bottom, and stick to the sign-up process.

4- Fill in profile information. Step 2 in the sign-up process is filling out basic profile info: High school, college, and employer. Again, you could choose to fill this out, or skip this step.

5- Choose news feeds. Step 3 with the sign-up process is selecting your news feeds. Like your favorite pages to get their latest updates. Again, you might choose to make this happen, or skip this task.

6- Plug within your mug. Now’s your opportunity to shine to everyone! Upload a photograph from your computer, or take a photo with your web cam. However you undertake it, Facebook will need it. Of course, like the other steps, you can tend to skip this as well.

7- Your new account is ready! Remember-don’t forget to love us!

EditMethod 2 of 2: Close the Old Account

1Download your details. Having a replica of all your information-from our profile info to your friend’s list and photos-is never a bad thing to get as a backup. To try this:
Click the account menu icon (white triangle) at the top right of any Facebook page.

Choose Account Settings

Click on Download a replica of your Facebook data

Click Start My Archive

This will have a while, particularly if you have a lot of photos and they are active on Facebook.

2- Clean out your existing account. When your archive is complete, empty out all fields which are not required, and delete. For required fields, use names which can be clearly fake (Frondheim Dingleschmidt) or hopelessly general (John Smith).
If you would like to reuse your phone and email information inside new account, change those to something meaningless before starting the deletion process. Facebook is not going to let you have multiple accounts sticking with the same information.

3- Create a temporary email account. To delete your primary email account, you need to first develop a new one-Facebook will verify the email, so it is possible to’t only make one up.
Create a fresh browser tab (Control-T on a PC, Command-T over a Mac).
Go to a free email provider, such as Google or Yahoo
Create a whole new account. It can be a normal email account which you are required to use for real at some point, or possibly a temporary one you will employ once and trash. One benefit from an alternate email account is that you can use it for all spam-generating sites-you never have to check it, so any situation that is in in most cases spam!

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